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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

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It’s hard to sum up the last 10 years,  but it’s basically like being involved in some magical thing that’s much bigger than you are..

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do not pity the dead, harry, pity the living, and above all those who think feminism means hating men.

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Eh, I love John Green and don’t see the reason to blame him for what’s clearly an industry problem, primarily promotion. We NEED more women/people of color on these lists, but I think he’s earned his success. TFiOS blew up in amazing ways, which led many people—including myself—to buy his past works en masse. I am aware that I am part of the problem, but I won’t decry him as symbol of a very large issue. I don’t know, that’s my opinion. That being said, SUPPORT FEMALE/POC AUTHORS. 

I’ve been thinking about this! I don’t know too much about John Green (in all honesty). For me, when I read these things, my irritation comes from the basic fact that authors who are PoC/women seem to be unable to stand on their own in the YA industry (and in most industries, really). It seems like constantly, and consistently, their works need approval from an already approved cast of men/male old guard.

Some of this has to do with people trusting in the recommendations of a public figure they respect, a habit I understand. I do the same thing. When my friends who I respect suggest something, I take the suggestion seriously. But I think it also stems from the fact that the opinions and work of women/PoC are constantly maligned/disbelieved/not listened to. I see it outside of YA fiction books, sexism in video games for instance. A ton of women have been very vocal about sexism in video games and vocal about the backlash they receive as women pointing out sexism in the industry, but I’ve increasingly started seeing people take it more seriously because white men have started jumping on the bandwagon, doing TED talks, writing articles, etc. The problem is that the attention goes then to the white guy, who probably drew a lot of his inspiration from women he had listened to or heard speak on the topic previously. This isn’t to say that them publicly speaking out against/for things is a bad thing. It’s more that somewhere along the way, the voices of women get lost in the discussion.

Soo…. that’s my longish rant! I don’t know how strongly I feel about “ending the support” of John Green. I strongly believe in beginning to support women on their own merits (or supporting women who are being suggested by other women) rather than constantly relying on a white male as the gatekeeper of approval or success. 

The REAL problem is — and I speak as someone who has a lot of experience from YA from a reader’s perspective, and a lot of experience in genres that have a heavy bias towards the Old Guard sort of mentality from a professional perspective — the REAL problem is that there was not this sort of gatekeeping by a white man before John Green. 

Thinking back on YA lit pre-Green, I’m trying to recall any male authors who had this sort of success or pull, and I’m honestly coming up blank. Garth Nix did ok? Eoin Colfer? Christopher Paolini? But nothing close to the success of Tamora Pierce, Diana Wynne Jones, Anne McCaffrey, not to mention Meyer & Rowling. 

The reason there’s a separate NYT list for children’s/YA literature is because JKR was so phenomenally successful they wanted to cordon off YA lit. 

Now, of course, there’s certainly the aspect of control from the perspective of who runs publishing companies, who’s the editor, who’s the literary agent, and there could be gatekeeping & stuff there, but we’re just looking at this from the perspective of a single author being able to affect change thru their influence. 

I cannot find an archive of past Children’s Bestsellers lists, but if I could, I guarantee you you would not see anything close to the sort of pull Green & co. have. 

This is not an old pattern in YA/Children’s lit. This is a new pattern. To treat it as something that’s indelibly routed in this genre’s culture is to view it complacently, and to not seek out and deal with the source of the problem. 

There’s reasons Green has been able to get such a foothold in the genre, reasons that have to do with the supposed legitimacy of yr str8 white dude, but this is not a legacy that YA fiction as we know it has ever had before. 

And this is dangerous. It’s really dangerous. It’s so fucking dangerous, and I don’t think it’s malicious on Green’s part, or even purposeful — I legit think he does not comprehend the amount of power his privilege combined with his talent has gotten him. 

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TOM MILSOM / hexachordal

Here’s the post Olga made about Tom Milsom. And another. Third.
Hank and John Green talking about Tom.
Melissa Anelli’s post about Tom.
TomSka talking about this whole situation
Tom writing on twitter.
Alan about Tom and donating to RAINN.
In this video, from a year ago, at the 35 minute mark, a guy called Joe who made videos in 2008/9 talks about Tom Milsom acting inappropriately when Joe was 14/15 and Tom was 20.


MIKE LOMBARDO / MikeLombardoMusic

Hayley G. Hovers post about Mike Lombardo.
Morgan’s post about Mike.
Hank and John Green posting about Mike.
Meg’s post about Mike.
Savannah’s post about Mike.


ALEX DAY / nerimon

First Anonymous person talking about Alex.
Second Anonymous person reblogging the first person.
Third Anonymous person talking about Alex.
Damien coming forward about Alex.
Tikken talking about her former relationship with Alex. And here.
Lex talking about Alex. and another post.
Lindsey talking about Alex. Also here and here.
Nephiesworld talking about Alex.
Louise talking about Alex.
Kerri’s post about Alex and unnamed Canadian YouTuber
Tove’s post about Alex and unnamed British YouTuber.

Alex Day defending himself.
"I don’t know about anyone else but when I read Alex’s post it seemed (as Marina would say) hella manipulative. From what I’ve gathered he knows what to say and when to say it which is how all of this started." (x)

First Anonymous person responding to Alex’s defense-post
Second Anonymous person responding to Alex’s post: [ONE] - [TWO] 
Hank Green talking about Alex Day.

Alex Day realizing he was wrong. Then read this! And this!!

Lindsey responding to Alex’s second post realizing he was wrong
Carrie writes on twitter. Responds to a postTumblr post.
Charlie McDonnell about Alex Day.

The Wiki-page about Alex is not updated. Continuing the discussion

Carrie has been seen hanging out with Alex. Her response.
Alex has been ‘reaching out’ to (teenage, female) friends.
His book deal might be cancelled

(A blog that has reblogged most posts about Alex Day)


Deathsy taking about Alex, Tom and Ed.


ED BLANN / eddplant

The first post about Ed by Hannah.
Another post about Ed.  
Eddplant’s post about “the past 24 hours…”

YouTube: Ed uploaded a new video on the 6th of June 2014, singing a song called “Inhuman Nature”. I am not going to link the video since I DO NOT encourage you to watch it. Don’t show your support for him in anyway.

VideoMorgan’s video about Ed returning. (It also has the lyrics in the description if you’re curious of what he’s singing about).
Ed deleting a negative comment Hannah made (one of the girls he abused)
Hannah’s comment that was deleted
Liam’s thoughts on Ed’s video.
Lex’s thoughts on Ed returning to YouTube.

Ed has returned to twitter.


TOM McLEAN / frezned

Frezned (Tom McLean) being accused

He hasn’t acknowledged the accusations against him.


JOSH MACEDO / confusedtree

One article about Josh Macedo.
And another masterpost about him.



One post about Kelly Montoya.


DANNY HOOPER / danmann44

Danny Hooper being accused by Laura. Laura reblogging her post.
Second post about Danny by nephiesworld. (link not working)
Another post about Danny by goshpenny.
UPDATED: An anonymous ask about Danny.
A video of Danny inventing a new sopio card.

Danny is now back on twitter after a 3 month silence


ALEX CARPENTER / AlexanderCarpenter

Rosi talking about Alex Carpenter
Sarah Snitch talking about Alex Carpenter
Scrabblized’s post about Alex Carpenter.
Llouteasdale’s post about Alex.
Halliedarling’s post about Alex.
Sunny Williams’ post about Alex
Jenn Hammond’s post about Alex and the Wizard Rock Community.
Emma’s post about Alex.
Kellelucas’s post about Alex.


ADAM ROACH / TheGearsKeepTurning

A post about TheGearsKeepTurning by Elizabeth. This post rebloggedElizabeth’s friend confirming her post.
A post about Adam (thegearskeepturning) by Alice.
Beccy’s post about Adam.
Maria’s post about Adam.
Rumlittleskallywag’s post about Adam.
Cass’ post about Adam.
Another (short but still important) post about Adam by hodor-kingofwesteros.

And here is a masterpost about The GearsKeepTurning with all the links above and some more comments.


LUKE CONARD / lukeconard

Kristina Horner writing about Luke Conard and Alex Day.
Whitney Milam’s post about Alex Carpenter and Luke Conard. Then Rachel Kiley continuing and writing about Luke.

Luke Conard apologizing. But then please read this!
Luke realizing his first apology was terrible and attempting to write a new one. And then read this!


COREY VIDAL / ApprenticeA

Shannon Antilles writing about Corey Vidal
Corey saying he’s going to make a video about this.
Corey says (again but in a longer post) that he’s going to make a video.
UPDATED: Corey briefly talking about thaccusations against him in a 2.5 h video.

But he still hasn’t made a video about it like he said he would. 



Carson’s post about WhatTravisSays.
Carson’s conversation with Travis.(tw incest & pedophilia)
Fizzylimon’s post about Travis. This post reblogged.
Reyna Villa writes. And here.
Emily’s post about Travis
Nora’s conversation with Travis.


ALEX ODAM / thealexfrom1994

Alex Odam posting nudes of his ex Hannah.



A masterpost about him and his former relationships



Shawn writes about Stephen Purcell.



Updated: A masterpost about Psy.
Him trying to apologize


Fake post accusing Tyler Oakley.
Fake post accusing Dan Howell was deleted
Fake Post accusing Phil Lester was deleted.

Hank Green about the fake post accusing Tyler Oakley
Hank Green explaining that the Tyler, Dan and Phil stories were fake.


Liam Dryden talking about what to do now.
Hank Green talking about what has happened.
Lucy talking about what’s happened and speaking up.
Marueen Johnson wrote a post.
Summer in the City addressing safety

A Probation Officer that goes into detail about how offenders see their actions and the way they use language.
An open letter to YouTube about all of this. (read this)

UPDATEDYouTubeSpeaks, a tumblr demanding discussion by popular YouTubers.


Victim blaming is wrong. 
If you’re a survivor of sexual assault or abuse, you can get help through RAINN, a great organization. International help.

Educate yourself on what CONSENT means.
What to do if you suspect your friend is a sexual abuser

Video: Lex made a video about what CONSENT means.
Video: Hank Green made a video about CONSENT.
VideoThe Science and Dangers of YouTube Celebrity.
VideoTomSka’s Guide to Gatherings.
Video: Charlie McDonnell: Sex & Consent.
VideoBryarly Bisop: We Are Edited.
Video: Laci Green: Consent 101.
Video: Jack and Dean: Consent (song).

Video: Lidsey: What is Emotional Abuse?

Video: YouTuve Abuse Recovery | Ann McGavin (thegeekyblonde)
Video: Sexual Abuse on YouTube | Pottermoosh
Video: Tell Someone | abb3rz07.
VideoWrongdoings and Growth in Our Community | Teryn Gray.
VideoUNDERAGE SEX & CONSENT | hayleyghoover

Video: Women on YouTube Panel at VidCon 2014

 ”Don’t let anyone else influence your opinions: make an effort to educate yourself on the matter and decide how you feel on your own.” - Lindsey.


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Tom Milsom and the New Age of Internet Fame


I just tried to reblog someone else’s comments, someone else connected to the situation, but Tumblr is doing this thing where it says “unauthorized!!” for no reason, and I can’t figure out why, so here’s a new post…



A second friend of mine in six…

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Early this morning I removed Taking Leave and the C4N’7 R3M1X35 EP (the two releases Tom Milsom and I collaborated on) from both and from my personal website.

I am making no attempt to hide the fact Tom and I were once friends. He spent a weekend at my house, we…


all of toms tweets.

Alleged Sexual Abuse in the YouTube Community and How We React


Wow. So a lot of things are happening all at once and I honestly don’t have much to contribute but I’m so rattled up I just have to type something.

There are multiple allegations circulating right now regarding a handful of male British YouTubers and their potentially unacceptable behaviour…



I met Olga in 2010 at VidCon. She was a very smart, very clever, very cool young woman. I thought it was weird (but kinda cool) that Tom had found a cool fan who could hold her own with a bunch of the top-tier VidCon folks and let her behind the curtain a little bit.



now everything’s died down and i’ve had a little time away from everything i can kind of come back to approaching the situation rationally/logically rather than emotionally

yeah i made a long frantic post basically listing out everything that’d happened and i couldn’t even stand to look at what i…


there is a thing i do feel quickly needs to be cleared up: tom and i met when i was 14 and he was 21. we began our relationship when i was 15 and he was 22, but we did not psychically have sex (skype sex and idk nudes and whatever aside) until a month after my 16th birthday. a few people have…


hmm ok well

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